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Amazon’s Cloud Computing Platform – A Supercomputer that you can Rent

Amazon's cloud computing service, unlike the traditional supercomputers, can be deemed as a super computer of a different class i.e. virtual and in the cloud.

Modern technology of cloud computing is generating a lot of interests and attention due to its accessibility, usability and scalability. Amazon's cloud is also a technological wonder which is nurtured by high powered processing done from many machines located at different places to complete any complex task one can imagine.

The Amazon supercomputer, if we may call it, is based on company's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) which happens to be the backbone of Amazon Web Services. In fact, many digital businesses like Foursquare and Reddit are also using the service of this facility as most of us will know.

Amazon first introduced the EC2 in the month of August of 2006 and by 2010 it managed to grab the 233 position in the top 500 supercomputers chart. Back in June 2011, it dropped to 451 position but, by November it has managed to bag the 42 spot.

The system's spread in multiple locations worldwide and accessibility from anywhere in the world makes this service unique and one of its kind.

The best thing about this is that anyone can rent the services from Amazon and more or less experience a supercomputer like performance at very low prices compared to other supercomputing platforms.

And, if you are thinking about the processing capabilities of the EC2, Mashable notes "It can rocket through computations at 240 teraflops, or 240 trillion calculations per second. By comparison, the fastest supercomputer in the world, Fujitsu's K Computer, runs at 10 petaflops - about 40 times as fast."