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AMD HD 7950 Not Coming Till February Now

AMD has pushed back the launch of its next generation high-end graphics processing unit (GPU), the 7950, with it now not looking likely to hit the shelves until sometime in February.

This won't help the chip manufacturer which was undoubtedly hoping to get a nice jump on its main graphical rival, Nvidia, which isn't set to release its next-gen graphics cards until the end of Q1 at the earliest. Of course this still gives AMD a 2 month lead in, but it's not quite the same as it would have had with the originally release date.

Of course it can still rely on the HD 7970, the very top end of the single GPU 7000 series, which is set to land on 9th January according to The Inquirer. That said, this is a high end GPU, so it won't sell in massive numbers due to the £300+ price tag.

This next generation of graphics cards - from both firms - is going to be quite exciting, as it's the biggest overhaul in GPU technology in the past five years. This should bring with it big performance gains as well as reduced temperatures and power usage thanks to the die shrink to 28nm. If early performance numbers are anything to go by, upgrading to this next generation should be on every enthusiast's schedule.