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AMNews: 1.2bn Apps Downloaded Last Week, Apple Media Event, Nokia Ace 900, Nintendo Wii U Controller

During the last week of 2011, 1.2 billion apps were downloaded by smartphone and tablet users all over the world. No doubt the figure is surprising, but not so if you consider how a record number of iOS and Android powered devices were activated worldwide during the same period, i.e. from Christmas to the New Year's Eve.

Apple is reportedly planning a media event toward the end of this month. To be hosted in New York, the media event is likely to focus primarily on its iBook service. According to media reports, though the event will definitely be an important one from strategical point of view, there is little chance it is going to be large scale.

Recently, the highly-rumoured AT&T branded handset the Nokia Ace 900, a Windows Phone, got leaked when a Christmas card mailed by one of Microsoft's partners revealed an image of the device. The Microsoft partner put the image of the yet-to-be announced phone in the Christmas card by mistake.

Rumours are abound that the touch screen controllers to be released with the next generation Wii U console will have Ereader features. These tablet like controllers have seen much speculation since being unveiled in 2011, with many wondering about the necessities of such a device.

A recently leaked Windows Phone roadmap purportedly showing the development of the smartphone platform over the coming year, leads us to believe that Microsoft will be introducing a range of superphones to challenge Apple's next-generation iPhone towards the end of 2012.