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AT&T Settles TiVo Patent Infringement Lawsuit for $215 Million

US wireless carrier AT&T has reportedly settled its patent infringement lawsuit with DVR giant TiVo for at least $215 million.

The settlement comes months after Dish Network and EchoStar settled patent lawsuits with TiVo over the same patent - the time warp technology, which the DVR company accused AT&T of infringing.

TiVo filed the lawsuit against AT&T back in August 2009, in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. In the lawsuit, TiVo cited 3 patents which were allegedly infringed upon by AT&T.

The patents are related to a user's ability to store programs while watching or reviewing other programs at the same time.

Under the terms of settlement, TiVo said, AT&T will make a payment of $51 million initially. The wireless carrier will also make quarterly payments to TiVo till June 2018, which amounts to $163 million reports Bloomberg. Therefore, AT&T will end up paying at least $215 million to TiVO.

It was also revealed that AT&T would have to pay additional license fee per month if its DVR user base grew beyond a certain limit. The two companies have also agreed to drop any on-going litigation with each other and have even entered a cross licensing agreement.