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China to Launch 3D TV Channel

After carefully observing the immense success enjoyed by 3D capable game consoles, China has introduced its maiden 3D TV channel.

Though the channel, which was made available late last week, may appear to be mostly a gimmick to many, the popularity of 3D televisions and game consoles are steadily on the rise throughout Asia.

The launch of the new 3D TV channel, however, is available on a trial basis only. It is under direct supervision of the China Central Television, more commonly referred to as CCTV.

The channel will be made available to consumers officially on the Chinese New Year, which falls on January 23.

"The launch of the 3D channel is a significant step in the development of China's television," said Cai Fuchao, the head of China's State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, ZDNet reports.

According to reports, the channel can be accessed by only 3D enabled TVs, and high definition digital televisions.

During the initial phase, the channel will air just four and a half hours of 3D content per day, the repeat telecast of which will be shown during the same day, reports the Xinhua News Agency.