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Composer Accidentally Confirms Upcoming 'God of War IV'

God of War is a very successful game franchise developed by Sony Computer Entertainment - and they have every intention of continuing to move the franchise along. There are rumours the company is working the next chapter in the series - God of War IV.

Even though the company has made no official comment concerning these rumours, in a recent turn of events, the company almost made it official that the next version is in the pipeline. A person reportedly working on this project apparently provided the information online.

Until now publishers had kept it under wraps but the game's composer, by accident, leaked the information online, reports Product Reviews.

The composer, Timothy Williams, listed on his resume he had worked on "God of War IV," and included the word "upcoming" in reference to the game. Williams also worked on the 2011 film Conan the Barbarian, DOTA2 and Rise of the Argonauts. While this is an impressive resume, Williams' intent was probably not to release company secrets, but rather to use finished projects to secure future ones.

According to rumours, Sony was guarding the secret of this game to announce it during E3 of 2012.