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Google+ Registers 49 Million US Visits in December 2011: Hitwise

Google+ is still no match for the mighty Facebook but, if it carries on with the performance it managed to exhibit during the last two months of 2011, it will soon establish itself as a real threat to Mark Zuckerberg's massively popular social networking platform.

According to new data released by Experian Hitwise, Google Plus witnessed a massive surge in its traffic from November to December last year. With this massive growth in traffic, the site had 49 million+ visitors during the period - a sharp 55 percent rise than where the figure stood previously.

"Google+ total US visits reach more than 49 million in Dec-11, biggest month to date & up 55% compared to Nov-11," read a tweet by Experian Hitwise.

Having tens of millions visits within just a span of two months is definitely a big achievement for a site which is barely a few months old. But then, to match Facebook's - the site which boasts off having over 800 million users, Google will definitely have to pour in some extra efforts.

Google+, despite the increase in traffic, is still miles away from being a potential Facebook killer.