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HP, Samsung, Dell and Others to Release Ultrabooks During 2012

It seems that 2012 will be the year of Ultrabooks as HP, Samsung and Dell are all set to enter the Ultrabook market. And interestingly, every company is claiming to have produced the most thinnest and most powerful device present in the market.

In fact, recently, a video trailer was leaked that shows the latest Ultrabook by HP and supposed MacBook Air rival, HP Spectre.

According to various rumours the HP Spectre is perhaps one of the final Ultrabooks to have Intel's Sandy Bridge processor. This marks the end of an era and the beginning of the next generation of Ivy Bridge Ultrabook, reports T3.

The arrival of this new Ultrabook by HP will create some stiff competition for the Asus Zenbook range and for the Apple MacBook Air as the focus of the device is obviously the thinness and best SSD Storage capability.

In fact, a few sources within the company revealed that HP will unveil the product on its own through the company's official website very soon. The device, which received FCC approval last week, supposedly has a 14 inch display and very attractive design. This will be an exciting time for those wanting to purchase a new Ultrabook.