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HTC Flyer Tablet Computer Receives Android 3.2 Update

A month ago HTC announced it would release a Honeycomb update for the HTC Flyer tablet soon. Today, the company made that update available, as reported by Androidcentral.

According to HTC, the Android 3.2 update will make the device smoother. Also, with the disappearance of the wallpaper lag, the device will be cooler than ever.

When the HTC tablet was launched it included an outdated version of Android - many have been awaiting this update from the Taiwanese company. At the time of its launch, it was Honeycomb that was generating lots of curiosity so consumers were looking forward to it. But the company decided to launch it with Gingerbread instead.

The best feature on the device was the custom Sense UI 3.5 which successfully covered other shortcomings. For those who own the flyer tablet, this update will provide them with a better running device, cooler appearance and better functionality.

In the announcement made last month, the company said that the GSM version available in Europe will get the updates first with Wi-Fi versions getting these new updates "very soon." About rest of the world, no announcement has been made yet by the company.