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Image of the Nokia Ace 900 Leaked Via Christmas Card

Recently, the highly-rumoured AT&T branded handset the Nokia Ace 900, a Windows Phone, got leaked when a Christmas card mailed by one of Microsoft's partners revealed an image of the device.

The Microsoft partner put the image of the yet-to-be announced phone in the Christmas card by mistake. The image proves that Lumia 900 is very similar to the Lumia 800. However, there are a few differences that make the device different from the earlier version, reports the Examiner.

Some of the differences spotted include the button on the front facing camera which is a bit higher then on the earlier model. Besides this, the biggest piece of news that the image provides is that the device has a 4G symbol with the AT&T logo which means AT&T might be have plans to launch a new LTE device by next year.

And if Paul Thurrott, editor for Windows IT Pro magazine, is to be believed, then Microsoft along with all its phone partners will be launching many 4G LTE devices over the next 6 months - all of them will be AT&T devices.