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iPhones Account for Two Thirds of AT&T Sales

AT&T, one of the largest US carriers, sold about 1 million (981,000) iPhones in December, which accounted for 66% of the carrier's mobile device sales, according to a report from MacObserver.

The major rival to iOS, Android, came a huge distance back according to the unverified figures, with 126,000 smartphones sold and a mere 8.5% share. AT&T subscribers were just as interested in budget handsets with basic features which accounted for around the same share with 8.6%, or 128,000 units.

Once the king of the mobile phone market, Research in Motion only managed to convince 74,000 customers during the holiday month to buy a BlackBerry smartphone - which translates to 5% of AT&T sales.

Although iPhone performed very well on AT&T as the best selling smartphone, overall sales (including retail stores, online sellers and any other retailers) point to Android dominating the market. In the third quarter of 2011, a comScore report revealed Android accounted for 46.9% of the US market, while Apple only had 28.7%.

Even though Apple declared that the company expects this holiday season to be the best quarter ever, as far as sales figures are concerned, the gap between the two rivals is too significant to be closed in just one month.