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iPhone 4S Audio Issues Remain Unresolved, Will Apple Respond?

Since the highly-acclaimed iPhone 4S came onto the market, a number of problems have cropped up which Apple has tried to address with varying degrees of success.

One of the issues that has raised a lot of frustration among users is the phone's audio problems when using headsets, detailed extensively on Apple's Support Forum, where more than 110 pages of complaints and queries have been registered since October (as Violet Blue of ZDNet (opens in new tab) observes).

The thread in question (opens in new tab) 'iPhone 4S - outgoing calls no audio' has over 150,000 views and Apple seems either reluctant to acknowledge or unable to solve the problem. Some writers are even refering to the situation as "Audiogate" and see it as the main blight on the iPhone 4S' reputation (alongside the battery woes, perhaps).

One infuriated user explained the problem: "Three of us in my family have a brand new iPhone 4S from Sprint and ALL have the same issue - no audio and microphone does not work when using the included earphones/hands-free setup."

The matter is exasperating, especially given that in several states the law requires the use of hands free headsets.

Another user gave the following account of his experience after taking the handset to an Apple Store for examination:

"I took it to the Genius Bar in San Francisco, and the first time around was told that it was likely a software issue or possible an earphone issue, so they wiped my phone and gave me new headphones, and handed me back the phone.

As soon as that was done, I tried again and had the same exact issue. I immediately demonstrated it for them, they took it back, and then said that they don’t know how to resolve it so they gave me a new phone."

Despite the numerous pleas to Apple, the company has failed to communicate a clear position on the situation, and dozens of new complaints are appearing every day - many want, at least, some sort of explanation.

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