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Kinect, Wiimote Controlled Robot Pets Cat

A developer, using Microsoft Kinect and Nintendo Wii remote has managed to get a robot to brush a cat, going way beyond what other developers have managed to do with Kinect.

Developer Taylor Valtrop used off-the-shelf tools, which includes a treadmill and a head mounted display to remotely control the robot and got it to brush the cat.

The video (below) shows the demonstration from three sides. One is the Kinect view, the other third person's view and robot's view, using the head mounted display. The developer used a $15,000 Nao robot, which was linked to the system via Wi-Fi, for teleoperation experiment.

The robot was made by France based Aldebaran Robotics and comes equipped with several sensors which allows it to interact with its environment. The developer linked the treadmill to Kinect and using the treadmill moved the robot around. He controlled the arms and hands of the robot using to Wii remotes.

The project took one year to develop and cost the developer no more than $20,000, as opposed to the remote control bomb disposal robots used by the military which cost millions of dollars to build.