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Microsoft's Azure Platform Gets Persistant VM

Microsoft is preparing to roll out a brand new persistent Virtual Machine feature on the company's proprietary cloud platform.

The new offering will allow customers to host SharePoint, Linux and SQL Server easily.

Though this news seems too good to be true, it is likely to happen pretty soon.

According to a ZDNet report, the Windows maker is committed to enabling its customers to come up with a persistent Virtual Machine on the Azure platform.

"The current VM role when rebooted or randomly recycled by the Azure platform loses any data stored - any persistence. So for applications that rely on the machine name or files/config that constitute "state" not stored in SQL Azure (or externally), this is a problem," the ZDnet report quoted its sources.

The ZDNet sources further state that for such technical reasons, customers were reluctant to run SharePoint on the existing Azure VM role.

It is important to note here that until now, Microsoft was shrugging off the growing demands from its customers to add persistent Virtual Machine to the Azure platform. But, now the company seems to be listening, which is a good sign.