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Microsoft Gaming Consoles May have DVR Capabilities, Patent Suggests

Microsoft has been recently granted a new patent which indicates that the next Xbox console might come with DVR capabilities.

According to Kotaku, the company received the patent in question on December 27 which covers a DVR system which is running alongside a TV client on a gaming console.

Microsoft has been active towards making Xbox 360 and Xbox Live a fixed component of the living room by offering live TV content from several TV content providers in the US and UK. Microsoft has been brain storming about the idea of such a set-top box for a very long time now as the patent is an old one, going back to January 2007.

The patent, numbered, 8,083,593, also states that the DVR will be able to be integrated with the console's main menu. Users will be able to record media content while playing games and even when the console is turned off. Users will be able to record all kinds of media including TV programming, online and offline gaming experiences, DVDs and music.

Even when the DVR is recording, users will be able to select and use different media modes like gaming and television.