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Microsoft's UFC App Fails On Fight Night

During last year's E3 event, Microsoft announced the development of a special app to show UFC events on Xbox 360. To make last week's UFC 141 of 2011 even more special, the software giant offered thousands of free codes to watch the events.

The app was brilliant - not only did it allow users to purchase "pay-per-view" fighting events in high or standard definition, it also gave users the chance to pick the winners and compare them with the choices their friends had made.

According to various reports, while the app had generated much interest, it failed on the day of the fight. The problem started from the beginning when the app refused to allow users to purchase the fight. Then the app later crashed. Error messages kept appearing when users tried to access content.

But after awhile the app seemed to work just fine, but then it went back to the same initial mode with additional disturbances appearing, reports Ars Technica.

After the fight began, Microsoft sent an email stating, "At this time technical issues for UFC on Xbox LIVE persist and are preventing the 25,000 fans who were granted free access from viewing UFC 141."

Later via another email the company apologised, "Apologies for the difficulties with UFC141 tonight. Those who registered and could not watch will get free access to an upcoming UFC event."