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MobileX Jailbreak Enables iPad Apps to Run in Full-Screen on Apple TV

Jailbreakers recently posted a video demonstrating a hack called MobileX which lets users watch iPad apps in fullscreen on a jailbroken Apple TV. The developers, Steve Troughton-Smith and "TheMudkip", have been testing the feature which should be released to the public in due course, Apple Insider reports.

As its creators explain, "MobileX is a window manager for iOS that replaces springboard with the added bonus of letting iPhone and iPad apps run on the Apple TV."

MobileX lets any app scale up to 720p resolution in order to be compatible with the larger screen. As the demo video suggests, this is particularly useful for media apps, for games or for maps, not to mention the social media apps like Facebook.

MobileX has a built-in menu with which users can quit apps, launch Safari, connect to Wi-Fi or show multiple apps side by side from the Apple remote.

The Cupertino-based company has been promising to develop an Apple TV device that could allow users to access treats from the App Store. Now, developers seem to be finding their own solutions, as they have with many other features and iOS improvements brought by jailbreaks.

"If Apple isn't going to give us a way to make real AppleTV apps, then I guess we'll have to make one ourselves," Troughton-Smith explained.