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Saudi Hackers Claim Israeli Hack, Post Details Online

A hacking group based out of Saudi Arabia has claimed that they have leaked information of around 400,000 Israelis comprising of names, addresses and credit cards details.

The hackers, dubbed Group-XP, have claimed that they successfully broke into Israel's top Websites related to sports, namely "". Following the attack, hackers were able to redirect visitors of the site to other website through which they were able to download files containing personal information of more than 400,000 users, reported PC Mag.

A self proclaimed member of the group, a hacker called "OxOmar" stated in a post, "We have hacked a lot of Israeli servers and extracted a lot of information about Israeli people".

"We decided to give the world a new year gift, about 400,000+ Israeli people information!!!" the hacker added.

According to some other reports, the group also possesses 1 million Social Security Numbers of Israelis which they are planning to release in future.

On the other hand, Bank of Israel has said that the hackers have, in fact, exaggerated the numbers and that details of about 15,000 active credit cards from three different companies were actually compromised.