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Sony Ericsson Uses Social Media to Tease Consumers Before CES 2012

Sony Ericsson has announced its plans to unveil ‘something big' next week during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The company first made the announced on its Google + page, claiming, "Something big is coming! Stay tuned for some exciting news next week - Come on G+, what do you think it could be?"

The post is accompanied by a photo of ‘something big' with a white cloth draped over it. The company is likely to unveil the Xperia arc HD or Xperia Ion, both of which have been long been rumoured to launch during this year's CES.

Sony Ericsson created further buzz when it posted a photo of a group of friends supposedly debating over an unknown Sony Ericsson smartphone that is in the hand of one of them on its Facebook page.

"We're gearing up for some interesting news next week... what do you think it could be?" Sony Ericsson teased. The company has scheduled a press event on January 10 at the CES and will unveil the mystery product then. Until then, Sony Ericsson fans will have to guess as to what the new product will be. This is an exciting time for technology fans in general. The news will certainly make CES more fun.