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TalkTalk Advert Banned by ASA

TalkTalk has been told by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) that it cannot make claims that it has the "UK's Safest Broadband" after BT revealed the package only used basic security measures.

TalkTalk has been trying to come across as a safe broadband provider for parents that wish to withold certain portions of the internet from their children. The package they've been advertising does indeed feature the "Homesafe service" that lets users block certain content, though BT and a few members of the public complained to the ISP that it hardly qualified as the "safest" UK broadband.

While TalkTalk was still keen to promote the idea that it has a safe package, it did add the caveat that wireless devices weren't covered by the protective measures however. The ASA eventually ruled that the ISP must remove the claim that it was the safest, saying that such wording meant parents might assume virus protection and similar measures were included.

This could be quite a blow to TalkTalk, which was undoubtedly hoping to improve the uptake of its security focused broadband packages. Despite the HomeSafe service being offered since May, only 200,000 customers have signed up to it according to The Guardian.

While I do agree that companies shouldn't be allowed to market something incorrectly, parents should be taking it upon themselves to research what exactly they are signing up to. Just because someone tells you something is safe, doesn't mean it covers everything. Do your research people.