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TalkTalk Hires New Mobile Director

TalkTalk has hired Dan Meader as the new mobile director of the company. With this new role Meader will take over responsibility for sales performance via TalkTalk's retail, online as well as voice channels.

Meader happens to be a former UK head of direct trading at O2. He spent almost a decade with O2 in various posts. Before that he worked as a senior business development manager with WorldCom and worked a short stint at BT.

TalkTalk appointed him to provide a push to the extension of their mobile phones. At present, TalkTalk is determined to pursue their 4.2 million customers using broadband and landlines to provide them with mobile phone services as well, reports the Evening Standard.

Since its launch, TalkTalk has 50,000 subscribers for mobile phone services. At present, only SIM cards from the company are available, so users must buy their own handsets. However, from this spring the company has plans to offer handsets also.

About the new mobile director of TalkTalk, Tristia Clarke, TalkTalk commercial director, stated, "Dan has extensive knowledge and experience of the UK mobile telecoms market."