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Stylish iPhone Speaker Dock is Formed Like a Toaster

If you've ever felt the urge to put your iPhone in a toaster (perhaps due to the audio or battery issues you've been experiencing) there is a quirky new accessory that will be less damaging to your smartphone's long term health.

The Gavio Toast iPhone Dock and Speaker System does exactly what it says on the tin (apart from toasting, that is). The Gavio dock looks like a retro toaster with chrome covered body and attractive lines, and also has a speaker system with a 3 watt amplifier able to deliver a crystal clear sound with adjustable volume control.

This kitchen appliance-inspired iPhone accessory, also has a philosophical concept behind it: "Back when telecommunication devices were in their infancy, morning routines included consuming toasted bread and juice. In today's fast paced lifestyle, our devices take first priority," the Gavio Toast creators explain.

The device measures 160 x 105 x 70 mm and is now available for preorder. The manufacturer hasn't announced a price or a release date yet, but as one enthusiastic reviewer put it (via Technabob), we can expect the whacky accessory to "pop up sometime early in 2012".