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Windows Phone Emulator + Mimo MagicTouch Monitor = Windows Phone Tablet?

Mimo's MagicTouch monitor, when released, was viewed as simply a secondary USB powered display by many but for the developers of Social Ebola it is nothing less than a potential programming tool.

Many feel that Windows Phone OS probably will work wonderfully in a tablet which might take some time more. But, devs at Social Ebola went a step further to make this happen. Social Ebola, the Windows Phone developer has found a way to simulate the operating system on the Mimo Magic Touch+ with the use of the Windows Phone emulator, reported Windows 7 News and have released a video to provide a glimpse of the experience of Windows Phone tablet.

The video shows the developer dragging and dropping the emulator on the display of Mimo and thus turning it into a great WP7 tablet experience. The emulator definitely does not fit properly in the 10 inch screen of Magic Touch, however, through options like scrolling and pinch to zoom navigation is possible.

In other words, the innovative developer has been able to provide a mesmerising experience of what can be called a Windows Phone 7 tablet.