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£46.80 HSTI Wireless Media Stick

Transferring files couldn't have been easier than the Wireless Media Stick from HSTI that allows you to streams media files from any computer connected to a home or office wireless network or Android Smartphone or Tablet, to any media player with a USB playback port.

All you have to do to share videos, music or photos is to activate the Wireless Media Stick on your wireless network, plug in the stick into the USB port of your media player and stream your media files and that's it.

The way this works is that the wireless media stick sees the shared files onto the USB port as if the files were local. As soon as you select a file for playback, the stick will stream that particular file via your wireless router from any PC, Mac, laptop, Macbook, NAS device or Android Smartphone/Tablet without actually copying or moving the file from the original location.

The playback will be handled by media player(s) on your TV, DVD/Blu-Ray player, stereo, photo frame or gaming console. To sum up the capabilities, you can watch movies at any USB enabled TV, play MP3 songs, share pictures and videos.

Linitx is offering the HSTI Wireless Media Stick for £46.80.