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£58.99 D-Link ShareCenter Pulse 2-bay Network Storage Enclosure

The ShareCenter Pulse Network Storage Enclosure from D-Link would enable you to share documents, songs, movies, videos and anything ‘file' that you could imagine across your home of work environment or over the internet.

The ShareCenter comes with a built-in webserver that allows for easy file access through browsing and downloading capabilities. The files can be accessed over the internet as well. In case you are concerned about confidentiality and integrity of files, worry not as you will be able to assign rights to specific users or groups and assign them to folders with specific read/write permissions.

In terms of connectivity, the ShareCenter Pulse comes with a gigabit port giving you blazing fast data transfer speeds.

Redundancy is also supported throught the RAID 1 technology that ensures that your valuable data will not be lost by mirroring the contents of one hard drive onto the other.

D-Link has put in a UPnP media server as well that will stream media content in your ShareCenter Pulse to any compatible media player - such as the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, and D-Link Boxee Box - over your local network. Multiple streams are also supported whereby one of the users can watch a movie and other may stream music onto other computer.

The D-Link ShareCenter Pulse 2-bay Network Storage Enclosure is available from eBay for £58.99.