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Android Siri Look-alike Iris Strikes Deal with ChaCha

The first Android voice control assistant similar to the iPhone 4S stand-out feature Siri, has received a boost by getting popular Q&A website ChaCha on board, ReadWriteWeb reports.

Iris was developed by India-based firm Dexetra and was announced just hours after Siri was introduced to the world; the app features a similar user interface employing voice recognition technology.

A couple of days ago, Dexetra published a press release letting us know of a new source of power to help Iris compete against Siri. The development studio announced a partnership with Q&A service ChaCha which will enhance Iris' capabilities for answering users' queries. With ChaCha's impressive database behind it, Iris will be capable of delivering instant responses to a huge number of questions asked in a natural voice.

Scott A. Jones, ChaCha CEO, also declared his company's enthusiasm for the new partnership. "We are thrilled to work with Dexetra to pioneer our Q&A capabilities with a voice-powered search engine. We look forward to bringing a new standard of quality to conversational Q&A through this partnership," he explained.

Although it is still a very young company, founded in 2010, Dexetra gained a lot of fans and attracted the world's attention in October 2011, when the company managed to develop an app similar to Siri within just eight hours of the feature being unveiled.