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German Subset of Anonymous Launches Web Campaign Against Neo-Nazi Websites

Anonymous's German subset is targeting neo-Nazi websites. According to reports, the group launched a new website aimed at the neo-Nazi movement in Germany.

The latest website launched by the group is named "" and includes the names and other personal information of those in the neo-Nazi movement. Data was collected from multiple extreme right wing websites, such as Thor Steiner and the Junge Freiheit newspaper. The newspaper has since filed a suit against the operators of the new website.

The new website is part of "Operation Blitzreig" a campaign by Anonymous against the neo-Nazi movement in Germany. The group aims to bring down all neo-Nazi-affiliated websites as well as to publish various private data of those people patronising them, reports the New York Daily News.

About the attack, Simone Rafael, of the anti-Nazi website Netz-Gegen-Nazis, said that it was fine "to remove the [Nazi] filth from the Net for a few days" but publishing personal data without the permission of owner should not be done. There may be other ways to make a statement about web conent besides publishing personal information, it seems.