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Google, Oracle Android Patent Dispute To Go On Trial in March

Judge William Alsup of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has set the trial date for the Oracle versus Google patent infringement lawsuit to be on or after March 19 2012.

Oracle had filed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Google, claiming that its highly popular Android mobile operating system copied code from Java. Google on the other hand has claimed that several companies are trying to stall the growth of Android and has asked the courts to dismiss the claims made by the enterprise database giant.

According to the court order, the trial will have three phases. The first phase will be related to copyright infringement liability, the second phase will be dedicated to patent infringement liability and the third will deal with damages and other related issues.

"Judge Alsup hopes that the copyright decision all by itself could create enough pressure on the parties to settle," patent expert Florian Mueller told The Register.

"I think Oracle would still want the patent trial to take place if it doesn't win the copyright part, but if Oracle wins the copyright trial, there could be pressure on Google to settle depending on the scope of the first verdict." he added.