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How to Get the Best out of your iPad's Storage Capacity

With more than 140,000 apps available and impressive features giving great flexibility to Apple's tablets, all users really need in order to get the most out of their iPad is enough storage space to handle all the data and media files for work and entertainment.

Even though iPads come in three different storage capacities (16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB), it seems there is never enough space; not to mention that the latter costs almost $200 more than the former.

In order to optimise the storage space, first thing to do is to look for culprits that take up too much space. For many the first suspects are pictures, mainly because it is easy to collect many image files without even noticing. Although iPads are designed to handle images very well, a backup could free up some much needed space.

Video files can also occupy more space than users realise, on average a movie can take up around 700 MB, while an HD movie has a size of 3 - 6 GB. The audio files are also responsible for hogging a lot of space and it's often music albums that are the main culprits for storage consumption.

Some other solutions to get more storage space on an iPad, after all unnecessary files and apps are deleted, is to use external storage hardware as well as using iCloud and other cloud storage solutions.