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How an iPhone 4S Could Help Improve your Eyesight

In addition to being pleasant on the eye, it appears that Apple's latest handset is also good for your eyes.

For those users who may be a bit annoyed that the iPhone 4S doesn't offer the option of adjusting the font size for email summaries, Forbes recently published an article suggesting this 'non-feature' could actually be helping your eyesight.

According to Dr. Vance Thompson, Board-Certified Ophthalmologist and world expert on the subject, with people over the age of forty their eyes tend to lose retina elasticity and the ability to accommodate, or adjust their optical power, to clearly see objects at different distances.

On the matter of reading fine print on smartphone displays, Dr. Vance Thompson advises us not to be particularly worried. Even though users over forty might get eyestrain when reading email messages on their iPhone screen, this could actually help them exercise their eyes.

The eye elasticity may be improved and the age at which reading glasses are needed could be delayed. As Forbes writer Marc Weber Tobias, explains: "the simple answer to being able to read without special glasses until a later age is to exercise your eyes, which will allow the lens to become thinner or thicker on demand, rather than remaining stiff and inflexible which translates into its ability to focus on closer objects."