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IBM Enhances Testing Portfolio by Acquiring Green Hat

IBM has disclosed that they are acquiring cloud software as well as quality testing solution specialist Green Hat without revealing any financial details about the acquisition.

Green Hat is a privately held firm and this acquisition will help IBM to improve their software development services portfolio. Green Hat is the developer of "automated testing tools" for integration, service oriented architecture (SOA) and also cloud-based deployments.

The company is known for providing virtual test environment platform which eventually permits development teams for testing apps without setting up multiple physical labs. This would enable IBM to save on time and money for its testing reported PC World.

The headquarters of Green Hat are jointly located in USA and UK. After the take over the company will be a part of Rational Software business of IBM and will look into integration of Rational Collaborate Lifecycle Management solution. This will further offer better effectiveness, efficiency and also allow collaboration for various testers and developers.

General manager, IBM Rational, Kristof Kloeckner, stated, "This acquisition extends IBM's leadership in driving business agility and software quality by changing the way enterprises can manage software development cost, test cycle time and risk," reported ITP.