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Late News: Zynga Hidden Chronicles, Windows 8 Reset and Refresh Option, Microsoft Flight, Siri Controls Spotify?

Zynga has launched "Hidden Chronicles", its newest title that explores social hidden objects. The game has been designed for Facebook and the tagline of the game reads as "see what you've been missing". The latest game by Zynga includes skill, memory and some competition.

Reinstalling Windows 8 will come in two flavours, Refresh and Reset, each offering a different way of bringing your machine back to factory default settings. The first one reinstalls the operating system, though metro applications and settings are left as they were before. Reset however, performs a complete wipe taking out all personal information along with Windows settings, bringing it back to how it was before anything was installed or changed.

Microsoft's Flight Simulator series, which was in dormant state until now, will see a re-launch this spring and that too for free. The name of this series will be simply "Flight" and players will have free access to the digital sky with this simulator. In other words, it will be available as a free download; however, the user would need to buy additional content to enhance their experience. The content that can be purchased includes aircraft as well as new environments.

Music streaming service Spotify is reportedly working on integrating Siri into its app for the iPhone. When asked in an interview with Forbes about whether the company plans to integrate Siri into its app, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took out his iPhone and went on to demonstrate exactly what users can expect when Siri integration is finally launched for Siri.

Video streaming set-top-box maker Roku has unveiled a new USB stick which would let users stream media content to their TVs. The Roku Streaming Stick has been designed to simply plug into any MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) capable TVs without the need of additional hardware, chords or remote controls.