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Latest Angry Birds Game to Feature Chinese New Year Theme

Owning to the huge popularity of its Angry Birds gaming franchise, which received 6.5 million downloads on Christmas, Rovio has decided to launch a new season of the popular game for mobile OS platforms. If all goes well, people will be able to play it by January.

The game's new theme will have Chinese origins - this is not the first time the game will be based on a Chinese theme, however. The Chinese new year starts on January 23, 2012 - the promo for the new game focuses on the same thing - a "happy new year wish." And there are definitely a few subtle clues along with the wish, reports GSMArena.

As usual game developers have not mentioned anything about the new version, but the promo seems to be saying a lot by using two dragon transitions, as this is the year of the dragon.The 30 second video also includes some Chinese text which let players know the game is China based with some interesting challenges to look forward to.

There are a few things that can be predicted about this new version, like birds and pigs with pointy hats due to the Moon Festival update and dragons. Other details have not yet been released. The new version should be a lot of fun.