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Microsoft Releases Windows Phone 7 Updates

Microsoft has released an update for its Windows Phone 7 platform to fixes issues like the disappearing keyboard.

According to an article on The Verge, the update build 8107 has begun for the LG Optimus 7 on Vodafone's network in the UK. The update comes with some minor and major improvements and bug fixes.

The fixes released by Microsoft include a fix for the disappearing keyboard issue and a fix for the location privacy bug. The update also fixes an issue with voice mail notification.

The update also brings with it enhanced Gmail syncing and a fix to a location access issue which lets users decide whether they want Microsoft to collect Wi-Fi based location information or not. Microsoft also detailed that the update removes the digital certificates from DigiCert Sdn Bhd and also fixes a Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 issue.

Surprisingly, Microsoft failed to release a fix for the SMS bug, which crashed the Windows Phone Messaging hub after users opened a maliciously crafted text, Windows Live or Facebook message. Victims of the bug were forced to hard reset their device to gain access to the Message hub, thereby losing access to their messages.