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Mozilla Releases MPL 2.0

Web browser maker open source outfit Mozilla has released the second version of the Mozilla Public License (MPL), the company announced on Tuesday.

Mozilla stated that the new offering will facilitate users to have compatibility with both GPL and Apache licenses, thus eventually resulting in a wider availability of code for reuse in the Mozilla project.

Just like the previous MPL 1.1, the new version is also a file-level copyleft license. It will enable users to come up with projects that blend MPL licensed codes with those under other proprietary or open licenses, the browser maker explained.

"The Mozilla project operates under a system of distributed authority known a the Module Ownership System. Like other Mozilla modules, the MPL has a module owner and peers who are responsible for maintaining the license," Mozilla described.

It further added: "To apply the Mozilla Public License to software that you have written, add the header from Exhibit A of the license to each source code file in your project."

Mitchell Baker, chair of the Mozilla Foundation, has confirmed that the company is indeed going to adopt the MPL 2.0 in the Mozilla Project.