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Nintendo Continues to Sell Well Despite Japanese Decline

Despite Japan's overall gaming revenue decline by around eight per cent in 2011, Nintendo bucked this trend by selling strongly throughout the period.

Hardware sales in the famed electronics country were up 2.4 per cent thanks to the release of console hardware like the 3DS (though it took half the year to begin selling strongly) and the Playstation Vita. However, Andriasang has it that high sales of popular titles like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land weren't enough to help turn around the software lapse, which saw a 14 per cent drop across the board.

While the overall sales charts weren't as strong as previous year's, Nintendo came out on top. In terms of hardware sales, the 3DS sold the most throughout the year, with 4.14 million being purchased. The PSP came in second place with just under two million sold, with other consoles like the PS3, Wii, DS, PlayStation Vita and the Xbox 360 following along respectively.

Nintendo had pole position in the software sales chart too. Mario Kart 7 managed to sell over a million copies despite only being released on 1st December. Super Mario 3D Land came just behind, missing out on the top spot by just 40,000 copies. That race for second place was even closer however, with Monster Hunter Portable 3rd selling 1.021 million. Monster Hunter 3G was just behind it (please port one of these to a home console and release in the west, please?), followed up by Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Type-0.