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Nokia Car Mode and Nokia Car Mode with MirrorLink Apps Now Available

Last September, Nokia launched the Nokia Car Mode app. The app, however, was not a completed version. Now, after a few months, Nokia is providing a complete downloadable version of the app.

Confirmation was made via the company's official blog which stated the app is now available for public use.

The app, which can be downloaded from Nokia Store, connects the user's phone with the car's infotainment system so the user can control the phone via car's system without the need to touch the device, reports Conversation by Nokia.

The app is available in two versions - the Nokia Car Mode and the Nokia Car Mode with MirrorLink. The former offers leading turn-by-turn navigation by Nokia and an overall smartphone experience in the car by providing traffic updates, Nokia Drive, Nokia Music and the facility to make and take voice calls while driving.

The latter version has has an added advantage the MirrrorLink support. The former version is for free and the MirrorLink version is available for $28.

At present, the apps are available for Nokia Belle phones - soon Nokia N9 will be enabled to support it.