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Nokia Tests Solar-Powered Mobile Phone in Various Locations Around the World

The research project undertaken by Nokia which focused on phone charging using harvested solar power is complete. Nokia researchers carried out many field tests and the result show that phone charging using solar panels present on the back side of the handset is easily viable in the real world environment.

To conduct the experiment, a prototype handset with a solar panel located on the back cover was made and tested at the Arctic Circle, Kenya, southern Sweden, and also by a member of the team that sailed on the Baltic Sea.

The specially developed phone has been nicknamed Lokki and is based on the Nokia C1-02 device. It had a data logger to report and study its performance, reports Energy Matters.

Out of all the locations where the phone was tested, performance in Kenya was the best. During a period of 59 days, the special phone gained power enough for 20 hours talk time or enough power to standby mode for around 41 days.

At the Arctic Circle the results were fairly good when the phone was carried outside. The company stated, "However, this isn't necessarily the most stylish and convenient arrangement, and another solution is needed."