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Samsung Developing the Galaxy S 3D Smartphone

According to reports, Samsung, is working on an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone which is one of their most successful smartphones to date.

Various reports suggest the new version will be a 3D supportive phone. The company is planning to launch it in the 2nd quarter of 2012. Most probably, the name of this phone will be "Samsung Galaxy S 3D."

The screen of this 3D device will be of high quality "Super AMOLED Plus Touchscreen" display but there is no confirmed information regarding the size of the screen so it might scale somewhere between 4.2 inches and 4.65 inches.

The most interesting part is that the device might run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS and be powered by a Quad-Core Processor. Besides, it might have Samsung's newest TouchWiz UI and a dual camera - the front facing one for video conferencing.

The 3D technology does not end at the screen only - the camera is also 3D capacitive and can also create 3D videos, reports Global Online Solutions.

The yet-to-be launched device is expected to get some tough competition from LG Optimus 3D and also from HTC EVO 3D which are the only 3D devices on the market right now.