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Shopping Centre Tracking System Faces Civil Rights Campaigners’ Wrath

Civil rights campaigners have spoken out against a technology used by several shopping centres in the UK to track consumers using their mobile signals.

The shopping centres claim that the technology helps them provide better services to consumers and retailers without compromising privacy.

The system, called the Footpath, allows them to know how are people spending time in a shopping centre, which spots they visit the most and even the route they take while walking around in a shopping centre.

Footpath has been developed by Hampshire based Path Intelligence. The system involves several trackers being installed in locations across the shopping centre and is capable of tracking consumers' position to up to 2 meters.

According to The Guardian, several consumer and civil rights groups, including Big Brother Watch, have claimed that consumers must be given a choice on whether they want their movement tracked or not.

The fact that the technology keeps the consumers' anonymous has been appreciated but several organisations claim that is wrong to assume that shopping centres have a right to track the movement of the consumers.