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Sony Ericsson Releases Unannounced Mobile Phone Picture on Facebook, Ahead of Unveiling The Handset at CES

Solely owned Sony mobile phone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has released a second teaser over Facebook, as to what the company is reportedly announcing at Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show next week. This time around, it is a fragmented picture of a yet-to-be-announced mobile phone - with the letters ‘HD'; possibly the Xperia HD handset.

Sony Ericsson has published a post on Facebook, from their sonyericsson account and in a message that reads: ‘Just a few more days until we can reveal some interesting news - what do you want it to be?' - along with the picture, at the base of this news piece.

The former joint Swedish-Japanese mobile phone maker is rumoured to be launching the codename ‘Xperia Nozomi' device at CES, which has been leaked on-line by many different websites, from press images to actual photos and specifications.

Sony Ericsson's Xperia ‘Nozomi' has been rumoured to have the official name of the Xperia HD and this is likely to be confirmed next week.

Adding more weight to that naming speculation is the ‘HD' logo on the phone, shown in the lower left image below.

The Xperia HD could obtain its name, according to reports, from housing a HD resolution display - in the same way as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus ‘Ice Cream Sandwich' has, with a 720x1280 screen.

Sony Ericsson Facebook Tease