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Spotify Working on Siri Integration

Music streaming service Spotify is reportedly working on integrating Siri into its app for the iPhone.

When asked in an interview with Forbes about whether the company plans to integrate Siri into its app, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek took out his iPhone and went on to demonstrate exactly what users can expect when Siri integration is finally launched for Siri. He asked Siri to play him some Coldplay, after which, Siri went on to play ‘The Scientist'.

"We hacked into it a few weeks ago. I'm not an inventor. I just want to make things better." Ek explained. He also claimed that Siri was the single biggest threat against Google, which competes with Apple with the Android operating system.

Apple's Siri platform, which featured on the iPhone 4S, is a voice controlled virtual assistant which lets users to do pretty much anything on the phone using simple voice commands.

Apple has remained mute about giving third party developers' access to Siri but, everyone is assuming that this is the next logical step for the company. Developers have released a lot of hacks for Siri, but this is the first time that a mainstream app developer is seen working on Siri integration.