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UK Retailers Lower Prices on HTC, Motorola, RIM Tablets

To cash-in during the post Christmas sales, various retailers in UK lowered the prices of RIM PlayBook, HTC Flyer and the Motorola Xoom. For example, Dixons and Carphone Warehouse are offering the 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook for £169 ($260).

Dixons has been offering the 16GB HTC Flyer for £199.97 which is around $315 and the 32GB version for £249.99 ($385). The 16GB versions current price is almost half the price of when it was first launched, reports the Tab Times.

Carphone Warehouse is featuring the WiFi Motorola Xoom for just £319.99; it was originally £479.99.

This past October, RIM dropped the price of its PlayBook to £249 from £399. The reason behind recent price cuts of the PlayBook by retailers may not be completely known at this time. The BlackBerry maker has not provided any reason behind this present price cut. Even though they have not officially confirmed it, but since the number of retailers pffering the price cut is huge, it seems it has been directed by the company itself.

The amount of revenue these post-season price cuts generate is unknown at this time, but retailers are hoping the cuts get people out and shopping one last time.