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US Retailer Accidentally Uploads Samsung Series 5 Ultra Laptops Pre-Order Page

A US retailer accidentally made the pre-order page for Samsung's first Ultrabook series laptops available online.

The specs and the pricing for the Samsung Series 5 Ultra Laptops were unveiled briefly, after which retailer J&R removed the page.

The Series 5 Ultra Laptops will be available with a 13.3 inch screen or 14 inch screen.

The 13.3 inch model will be available for $899.99 while the 14 inch model will come with a $949.99 price tag. Both devices will come with Intel Core i5 dual core processor, 1366x768 screen resolution, a 16GB SSD and 500GB HDD and 4GB memory.

The 14-inch model will also come with a DVD burner, but won't come with the ability to increase the storage to up to 1 TB and won't be fitted with the Radeon HD 7550M graphics card, PC World reports.

Even though J&R made the products briefly available for pre-order, they removed them because Samsung had not informed when it planned to ship the devices.

OEMs are betting big on Intel's Ultrabook devices as it would help them take on the MacBook Air and also ease the pain caused by tablet device cannibalisation.