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Xbox Live Games Optimised for Windows Phone 7.5 Available Soon

Four new Xbox Live games will be made available soon for the Windows Phone Marketplace. The four new games have been described as "optimised for the newest Windows Phone 7.5."

The new games include Bullet Asylum developed by UberGeekGames, Tamagotchi developed by Namco, geoDefense Swarm developed by Critical Thought, and Age of Zombies developed by Halfbrick.

These games are not the latest versions as other mobile platforms have already received three out of these four games. For example, Tamagotchi and GeoDefense Swarm are presently available for iOS users in the App Store. Age of Zombies can be played by Android and iOS powered devices as they are included in the Android Market and iOS App Store, reports Engadget.

No official date of release has been declared by Microsoft, but since all four of these games have found their place on the Windows Phone Marketplace app list, it can be assumed it will not take too long for these games to make it to the market.

Right now a teaser video of the game Bullet Asylum is available to provide a glimpse of this interesting game. Hopefully, it will arrive sooner than expected.