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XDA Developers Port Kindle Fire's Silk Web Browser to Other Android Devices

Developers have managed to port the cloud based Silk web browser found in the Amazon Kindle Fire to other Android devices with different builds.

According to an article on The Register, XDA Developers have shared a way in which the web browser can be ported to any Android device.

To deploy the cloud based web browser, people need a rooted Android device and the right .apk files.

The Silk browser, cited as one of the main features of the Kindle Fire, is partly cloud based. The web browser processes web pages on the Amazon cloud and delivers them to the user, making web browser much faster.

A post on the XDA Developers website explains how to get the web browser up and running on any Android device.

Users would first need to download the installation pack and use the Root Explorer to copy the lib files to /system/lib while setting the permissions the same as the other files in the folder. Then, users can install any .apk files that they wish to side load and copy the from /data/app to /system/app.

Users would have access to the browser once they reboot the device.It is important to follow directions from XDA Developers carefully to get the desired results.