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AMNews: Angry Birds on Bada, Google to Launch Kindle Fire Rival, Facebook Annual Hacker Cup

Angry Birds is one of the most popular smartphone games in the world. It has been declared that the game is one of the most essential apps for smartphones and tablets by fans and others. Only a few other apps like Facebook, Google search and others have achieved this reputation. The game was added for the Bada OS just yesterday. For the time being, it can be downloaded for free on Wave S8600 as this is the only Bada device compatible for the game.

The research project undertaken by Nokia which focused on phone charging using harvested solar power is complete. Nokia researchers carried out many field tests and the result show that phone charging using solar panels present on the back side of the handset is easily viable in the real world environment.

Companies engaged in manufacturing hi-tech components for global giants like Apple, Google and Amazon suggested that the upcoming tablet from Google will be a device with a 7 inch screen like Amazon's Kindle Fire and not a 9.7 inch screen like iPad's.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced the third annual Hacker Cup contest. This is an annual contest of algorithmic programming open to engineers from all over the world. Accuracy and skill of the programmers are the criteria upon which they will be judged.

Tablet makers shipped almost 73 million units in 2011, accounting for 25.2 percent of the global mobile PC market. According to new data released by the Displaysearch division of market research firm NDP, 72.7 million tablet devices were shipped in 2011, representing a staggering 252 percent increase over 2010.