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Brits Will Purchase 8 Million Tablets in 2012: Sky

According to a recent poll, in this year UK consumers will purchase eight million tablets. The survey conducted by Sky revealed some interesting information regarding UK's tech market.

The poll disclosed that one out of every 12 people already got a tablet for Christmas and that every home in UK has total six "screens" that includes mobile phones, laptops and obviously televisions sets. Also, at present more than half of all adults in UK are smartphone users and around two million owners watch TV through the smartphone apps.

In fact, 13 per cent of those who participated in the survey accepted that they will be delighted to enjoy two programmes in different screens simultaneously, reported BCS.

Participants in the survey also said that they prefer tablets over the more conventional computers and around 45 per cent of people who has all the intentions to purchase the device will reduce the usage of PC as an outcome of the purchase. Two-third of such people accepted portability to be the main reason behind the purchase.

Sky's Director of Mobile, David Gibbs, commented that, "Consumers are embracing smartphone technology and using those devices to stay informed, in touch and entertained." Gibbs further said that there are increasing evidence which shows that consumers as well as subscribers want better accessibility which on a move and also through their TV set.