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Crucial Debuts Slim m4 SSD

Crucial has announced the release of a new slim line solid state disk (SSD) known as the m4. It's available in a variety of capacities and has a height of just 7mm.

The m4 is designed for low profile laptops and will help make them smaller as this SSD is two and a half millimetres shorter than the traditional drives. However, just because it's small, it doesn't mean that the capacity is something to scoff at. Of course there's a nice traditional 64GB boot drive, but there's also 128GB, 256GB and 512GB variants too. The latter of the group is one of the largest solid state disks available.

"The demand for thinner, lighter, and lower-cost laptops continues to grow, and many users are demanding reliable storage solutions that offer high performance in these increasingly smaller form factors," said Robert Wheadon, worldwide senior product manager, Crucial. "The 7mm Crucial m4 SSD provides exceptional performance in a super-thin form factor, is extensively tested in-house, and is the newest offering in our award-winning SSD portfolio."

In terms of performance, the 512GB and 256GB drives have the best read/write numbers, each of them has a sequential up to 500/260 MBps respectively. Random 4k read/write are 45/50k. The 128GB and 64GB SSDs have the same high end read sequential and 4k results, but the write speed takes a hit the further down you go. 128GB gives you 175MBps and 35k IOPS of random 4k write, while the 64GB offers only 95/MBps and 20k IOPS.

Pricing wise these new drives are available at quite close to £1 per GB: £75.99 for 64GB; £133.99 for 128GB; £262.99 for 256GB; and £508.99 for the 512GB solution.

Each drive comes with a three year warranty.