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Document Sharing Platform Box Adds Widget Notification Feature to App

Document collaboration and sharing platform Box has launched a new version of its Android app which comes with new widget notification and online collaboration features.

In a blog post, the company said that Box for Android 1.5 comes with several new performance enhancements and features to make it easier for people to create and share documents from their Android smartphone or tablet device.

"To add the widget, just long-press on an empty space on a home screen, choose to add a Widget, then choose "Box". Position the widget wherever you'd like by long-pressing on it and dragging it around," the company explained.

"In addition to showing updates, the widget also provides useful shortcuts to create or upload new files without needing to open the Box app," it added.

Users will also be able to upload files to Box they receive in an email attachment or wish to download. Users can then send the link instead of emailing an attachment.

The company also said that people using a document creation app like QuickOffice Pro and DocumentsToGo, will be able to see the options to create presentation, spreadsheet, documents and text files in the Create menu of the Box app.